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Poetry Sidewalk - This webring is for poetry writers, if your site contains poetry please join us!

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Poetry Sidewalk

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Manager: theodora_maffat
This webring is for poetry writers, if your site contains poetry please join us!

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Moshe Aron ben Hesh Lerb's Poetry Page
This page contains poems by Mark A. Foster. Moshe Aron ben Hesh Lerb is Mark's pen name.
A Lion's Roar
Original Poetry, Short Stories, and more, from Afro-Caribbean-Canadian Author-Poet, Poet Lleri_el (R.A.H.R.)
Wounds of War: Poets for Peace
Wounds of War: Poets for Peace (Diana L. May & Mitchell Waldman, Editors) brings together, in poems, stories and essays, the voices of those personally affected by war.
A Woman's Song -- by Diana May-Waldman
A WOMAN'S SONG, the new poetry collection by Diana May-Waldman, brings us poetic reflections on what it is to be a woman in the world today. Her words are raw and real with her kick-to-the-gut style expressing her passion and a story of survival. May-Waldman writes about the unfortunate challenges in the lives of women: rape, violence, inequality, and dealing with relationships that are often unbalanced. This is a book that may disturb and shock you, but will, without a doubt, truly move you.
Hoeffmeir Publishing Company
A non-commercial (we neither buy, sell, nor trade anything)electronic publishing venture featuring multi-media presentations of poetry, prose, visual arts and music by various authors.

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Poetry Sidewalk

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